Weddings at The Hillcrest

The Hillcrest Hotel is a top-notch location that is ideal for your special day. The Hillcrest provides everything you could possibly need for a very spectacular day, including purpose-built facilities and an excellent kitchen.

We take great care and pride in making sure that your wedding is all you’ve ever imagined since it means the world to us.
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Luxury Weddings Your Way

What we provide is a completely one-of-a-kind luxury wedding location, catering to couples travelling from all over the nation for their ideal wedding. Knowing that neither you nor your guests must adhere to an early checkout time because there is only one wedding on the weekend allows you to unwind and enjoy your time.

Your dream is something we wish to realise. In fact, our goal is to go above and beyond that by providing you with concepts that will blow your mind. The alternatives are essentially limitless as there are no fixed providers. Instead of following our rules, you can have the wedding YOU desire.
Observing how every wedding we host at The Hillcrest Hotel is absolutely unique from the previous one is one of the pleasures for us.

wedding festivities

We are here to make sure that every conceivable situation is taken care of from the initial planning phases all the way up to the big day. We would love to talk with you about how we can help, whether you are just starting your planning process or have every detail of your ideal day planned out.

Remember that you have full control! You are not restricted by specific suppliers or early check-out times, so we can work with you to realise any dream you may have.

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